Chantal & Nick | Summer Oshkosh Wedding

June 11, 2022 – a day that I anticipated a lot of things going wrong (I know, I know… I will explain in a bit!), but EVERYTHING went right.

Okay, let me explain. The week leading up to Chantal and Nick’s wedding day the forecast was all over the place, but one thing stayed consistent – RAIN. Pending on the day, it depended on how much rain, but there was always rain. I awaited the frightened, “Lauren, what are we going to do!” email from Chantal, but much to my surprise, it never came. I woke up the day of the wedding, and seeing that it was still going to rain, Chantal and I came up with a backup plan.

Upon arrival to the church, she was just glowing and couldn’t care less about the weather. In fact, she mentioned that it wasn’t worth stressing about because there was nothing anyone could do to control it! AMEN! Obviously, as a photographer, having great weather matters a lot to me but we are always going to make things work. I was checking the radar about every 15 minutes, and to my own disappointment it was progressively getting worse.

Nick and Chantal’s hour long mass ceremony was absolutely beautiful. It was heartfelt and brought Chantal to tears a few times. I won’t even go into detail about the processional and Nick’s face seeing his bride for the first time – I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

After mass and family portraits I checked the radar one more time, and it was an 89% chance of storms coming our way. We hustled outside to photograph the bridal party in front of the beautiful cream city brick, and sped off to a park fully anticipating to get soaked. I do want to mention that this park was sentimental as it used to be Nick’s favorite golf course. I brought my clear umbrellas ready to go.

Would you believe me if I told you we didn’t feel a single rain drop?

That’s not the only thing!! Nick and Chantal were so excited about sunset photos during our timeline planning process. I was so sad that it was a cloudy, rainy day, because that meant no glowy sun for sunset photos. After dinner, we popped outside for what we thought would be cloudy photos, and alas – SUN!

The entire day was filled with nothing but happiness, love and joyful tears. I had so many favorite parts of the day it’s hard to choose. Chantal’s dance with her dad was a true tear-jerker, the maid of honor and best man speeches were both funny and so sweet, and family from the Philippines even sent over videos with well wishes.

Chantal and Nick – you are LOVED. Congratulations to the Bauers!

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