Amanda & Josh | ENGAGEMENT SESSION | Downtown Cedarburg, WI

My job requires me to meet a lot of different couples, families, and people with various personalities. It’s always funny to me when I come across a couple that takes the time to explain to me how awkward think they are in front of the camera. When Amanda & Josh met me for coffee in November to discuss their upcoming October wedding, they laughed over their mutual agreement for how awkward they are when someone is taking their picture. Why is this funny to me? Because it’s always those couples that end up being so naturally photogenic to me! They seriously made my job so easy.

Amanda & Josh had a vision for winter engagement photos. I always cringe inside a little bit when someone wants to shoot in the middle of winter, because this is Wisconsin and it’s a toss up whether it will be 50 degrees or -63 this time of year. BUT… I’m always SO in love with the results of winter sessions!

They did have one condition though – they wanted either a FRESH snowfall or no snow at all. Again, being Wisconsin its always a toss up! Well, for the last three (or four? I can’t keep track at this point) Saturdays in a row, we have gotten snowstorm after snowstorm after snowstorm! I think this is the most snow we’ve gotten in a long time, AND they had a gorgeous fresh snowfall the day before the session, so it all worked out perfectly. Although I should mention that we did have to reschedule once, because the original date was set at a high of 12 (ugh).

We started the session in downtown Cedarburg, casually walking up and down the sidewalk. Luckily, for a Sunday afternoon, there wasn’t too much foot traffic to avoid! Next, we headed over to the popular Covered Bridge Park, which was completely empty for the first time ever (seriously). It felt like we were hiking up Mount Everest to get up to the covered bridge, but it was all worth it when Amanda & Josh’s fur baby, Chloe, met us to close out the session. And oh, was she such a good girl!

I can’t express how excited I am to congratulate these two on their engagement, and work with them again in October for their wedding! Enjoy a look into their session, and share your thoughts!

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