The Atkinson’s Winter Session | Richfield, WI

I love being a photographer for so many reasons. I mean, what’s not to love? You get to be a part of life’s happy milestones for your clients. But truly, one of my FAVORITE things about my job is growing a friendship with my clients as we get to work with each other through the years.

Alissa & I have actually known each other since early in the grade school years, and only in the last two years did we rekindle our friendship when she reached out about engagement and wedding photos. They finally tied the knot on a gorgeous June day this past summer, and I couldn’t contain my excitement when Alissa reached out to me again about Winter photos!

Every time I get to photograph these two their love for each other just blows me away. Okay, I know that sounds terribly clich√©, but I’m not kidding you. The way they interact with each other, the jokes, the laughs, and oh my goodness, the way he looks at her. It is to die for! Talk about making my job easy! You know those couples that you know, without an ounce of doubt in your mind, are going to be together for 70 years? That’s the Atkinsons!


Now, to be completely honest, sometimes when people want Winter photos I think they might be a little crazy. I mean, we live in Wisconsin! And for all my Titanic fans out there, “they have some of the coldest winters around!”

This session was scheduled right after a snowstorm, and they were predicting 20 mph wind. I thought, “oh her poor hair!” Once we got past the initial shock of the cold, we were laughing and having a good time. And then, soft flakes started falling from the sky! It was so beautiful!

It was truly a Wisconsin Winter Wonderland!

But if you think the story ends there….

You’re wrong. After accidently locking the keys in the car with the window barely cracked, we attempted to fish their keys out with many different sticks and even an umbrella. Kevin was determined not to give up, and poor Alissa had her jacket locked in the car. It was quite the disaster! (But it was also funny at the same time, so of course I had to document the moment).

But have no fear! After giving up and calling a locksmith, Kevin found the right stick to fish the keys out and all was good in the world!

And even in times of stress, these two handled it like a true TEAM.

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